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You can find the demure store and studio at the Korte Marnixstraat 5 in Amsterdam.

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Demure studio & Atelier

Korte marnixstraat 5, Amsterdam

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Yuki Isshiki, the Milliner of demure

about demure

My name is Yuki Isshiki and I originally come from Osaka, Japan. Since I was a child, my inspiration has always come from looking and touching materials, combining them together in different shapes to reveal their complexity.

I learned millinery (the art of hat-making) in London from Prudence, a couture milliner who works for major designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. Some years later, in September 2016, I opened my shop in Amsterdam. I do everything by hand so each hat is soft, light and comfortable and this ensures its quality and unique character.

“If You Want The Best, You Cannot Leave The Details To Machines.”

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