Demure Studio & Atelier

You can find the demure store and studio at the Korte Marnixstraat 5 in Amsterdam.

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“I really look forward to showing you my hats, chatting about them with you and helping to find a unique piece just for you.”

Demure studio & Atelier

Korte marnixstraat 5, Amsterdam

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Hello, my name is Yuki

about demure

I originally come from Japan and learned millinery (the art of hat-making) in London before starting my own hat brand ‘demure’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.I obsess over the smallest details; this is one of the many reasons why I like to invite my customers to my studio.

When you wear a hat it frames your face, becoming as much a part of you as your hairstyle. That’s why I focus on the smallest details. The details are the personality of the piece, a part of your personality if you will. It is important that I do everything by hand so they feel soft, light and comfortable.

“If You Want The Best, You Cannot Leave The Details To Machines.”

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