Believe it or not, a hat frames your face and becomes a part of you as much as your hairstyle. Also, a slight difference in hat size can give you a headache or worrying feelings. Needless to say, choosing a hat you like and you feel comfortable in can be quite difficult.

I like to think I would become a bit like your hairdresser – sitting down with you to discuss what you envision. This why demure is so personal to me. I will help you choose your hat and make any adjustment you need or, alternatively, I can design a hat from scratch with you to be sure you receive the perfect piece in comfort and design.


My favourites are hand-woven Harris tweed from the Isle of Harris, wools and cashmeres woven with Schoenherr weaving machines (a real rarity!) from Aichi prefecture in Japan, vintage felt produced in Chazelles sur Lyon, France and vintage parabuntal straw produced in Italy.

It is not my nostalgia for the good old days which drives the search for these vintage felt and straw materials but rather my constant striving for excellence in all my products.

Unfortunately some high quality hat materials are no longer being produced so if I want the best I have no choice but to travel to retiring milliners who are happy to share their special time-honoured materials with me.

In general, I like traditional materials made from natural fibres because they breathe, let the wearer breathe and respond well to the traditional millinery techniques which involve a lot of steaming and other water treatment.

The Art of Hat-Making

If my design style conveys a sense of freedom, my attitude towards production methods is very strict. I learned authentic ‘millinery’ techniques where handmade ‘couture’ processes combine with traditional hat-making materials (instead of plastics and chemicals).

I do prefer to stick to these old methods because it helps me achieve better aesthetic results as well as minimise waste. The concept of caring about my customers, the resources I use and the techniques I’ve learned – is the heart of my work.

Plan your visit

A couture hat is personal, so I’d imagine you will want to be in correspondence with me. If you’d like a truly unique piece, a personal appointment works best for measurement and selection of model, design and fabric.

Let's meet