essence Collection

Haute Couture Hats

The essence of demure is the use of traditional couture techniques and unique interpretation of evolving design concepts. Luxurious materials are crafted into unique pieces with fine details which satisfy clientele with highest standards. Autumn/Winter 2017 Essence features hats made with various types of fabrics structured on millinery canvas. The fabric used includes cashmere and wool fabrics from Japan, denim from Japan and other fancy tweeds from other countries known for producing high quality textiles. The shapes of the hats in this collection are in general ‘oversized’ and some are quite geometrical (as seen in completely circular-shaped crowns or flat brims) while others have ‘worn-out’ or crushed shapes, both making bold statements.

The unique technique of making a structured hat with millinery canvas and fabric became popular when having a dress and a hat in matching fabric was considered to be stylish and something of status. Since such style has gone out of fashion, the technique has not been often used. Also because of the fact that it’s a time-consuming process (Hats made with such techniques typically takes at least 3-4 times as long as producing similar hats with felts/straws). However, applying this technique to produce something very fashionable, opens up a great opportunities to produce something truly precious and unique.

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de ville Collection

Day-to-Day Hats

With the same design concept as our ‘essence’ collection yet a somewhat simpler version, hats in ‘deville’ collection are ideal for day-to-day use. In Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, the shapes are ‘face-huggingly’ oversized and many of the hats are not added with stiffener, which is quite unusual, in order to ensure comfort and easy care. In fact, it is a surprising fact that, when a felt hat is ‘blocked’ or shaped properly according to the old-fashioned method, the hat’s blocked shape is not easily lost. This is a good news as many hats available these days keep their shapes because of the excessive stiffening which in the hindsight makes the hats too hard and even uncomfortable.

Felt bodies and fabrics used for this collection are of exquisite quality and have different texture and feel, some of which are not so commonly used. (For example, felt which has long hair like that of a teddy bear and another felt which resembles to silk velvet). Large variety of materials always gives me freedom of inspiration to design hats with different moods. I hope you will re-discover the experience of wearing felt hats and find your own personal favorite.

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